Introduction to the working principle and installation method of wall mounted fan

There are many types of electric fans, and I believe we will all know about them, such as large, small, vertical, hanging and so on. Different types, of course, their use effects are also different. About wall mounted fan, how do we understand this kind of electric fan, let's introduce the working principle of wall mounted fan? How to install the wall-mounted fan?

The working principle of wall mounted fan

1. Wall mounted fans are also used by many families, so do we know what the working principle of wall mounted fans is? The working principle of wall mounted fans is similar to that of vertical fans. The main components of electric fans are AC motor.

2. In the working process, the electric coil of the electric fan rotates in a magnetic field, and converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. At the same time, due to the function of resistance, part of the electrical energy will be converted into heat energy during operation.

3. The reason why the wall-mounted fan is different from the vertical fan is that the wall-mounted fan is fixed on the wall during use and cannot be moved at will, but the vertical fan can be moved at any time during use. Therefore, the range of use of vertical fans is wider than that of wall-mounted fans.

Installation method of wall-mounted electric fan

The first step is to drill holes on the wall according to the holes of the fixed triangle, and then install the screws to fix the triangle;

The second step is to insert the connector of the motor on the fixed triangle, determine the direction of the motor and finally tighten the screws;

The third step is to install the grille and screws, connect to the power supply, and use it.

The installation height of the wall-mounted electric fan is recommended to be about 1.8-2 meters from the ground, so that it will not be too low to meet, and it will not be blown out like a ceiling fan, and the socket is above 40 cm from the ground. , If it is too low, the cable may not be enough. The switch of the wall-mounted fan is about 1.4 meters above the ground.

There are also some matters needing attention during the installation of the electric fan. The power supply must be turned off, and the selected position must be correct, otherwise it will also affect our use. In fact, the structure of the wall-mounted electric fan is very simple, so installation will not be very troublesome. If the family needs an electric fan, a vertical electric fan is recommended. The wall-mounted electric fan cannot meet the demand well.