How about the water spray fan?

The heat test of a short time is enough to make people sweat, and even to make delicate makeup. How can there be no spray fan to survive? How to choose the water spray fan?
The water spray fan has a large amount of fog, but it will not wet the clothes. The mist is ejected from the spray hole of the spray head, and it is 1.5 meters away from the spray head. The droplet is dispersed to only 1-5 microns. It feels cool and feels no wet at all. And fine fog, in hot days, will quickly evaporate, and take away a lot of hot gas, so as to achieve the effect of cooling.
Can the spray fan contact with water easily to leak electricity?
No, it has waterproof electrical design. It can be used safely with the water tank cover and prevent the water from being polluted.