Though it might require some hours for installation, it is worth it as it pays immediately after the exercise is done. The following are the tools you require and a step to step on how to install a ceiling fan.

What Do You Need to Install a Ceiling Fan?

With the prior purchase of your desirable ceiling machine of the right size, style, and finish, there are basic tools that come in handy when doing your installation. The tools are a guarantee of a safe project with ultimate success and finish in time. Below are the tools required for ceiling fan installation.

1. Wire cutters.

These are used when denting and wedging wires apart. During the down rod assembly, they become useful by cutting and stripping the ceiling fan wires.

2. Screwdrivers.

They are commonly used to turn or drive screws. They are mostly used to tighten and steady the screws to ensure that the fans motor housing and blades do not shake or wobble whatsoever.

3. Ladder.

It is used when performing wiring on where to locate the fan when mounting brackets and hanging the motor assembly.

4. Pliers.

They hold the objects firmly in place. During down rod assembly, they got into use by tightening the set screws and locknuts.

5. Safety glasses.

In the process of installing the fan, hazardous materials and debris may fall or fly your way. These goggles save your eyes from these materials.

6. Crescent wrench.

It is used in tightening any brace or bolts. This is due to the adjustable screw that takes the shape or the width of bolts from left to right by moving the jaws.

7. Voltage tester.

These are appliances used to test if electricity is running in the wires during installation.

8. Electricity drills.

For installation of the utility box to where the ceiling fan is to be located, requires drills. Thus, the tools are significant in drilling various holes in materials.

9. Dusk mask.

It protects you from inhaling dust or other debris during installation and cleaning.

10. Electrician tape.

This is generally an electrical tape that insulates the wire connections while it is pressure-sensitive and flexible.

What is the Best Ceiling Fan Size for Your Room?

How long does it cost to install a ceiling fan It is important to choose a good ceiling fan size that will match the size of the room? Since the ceiling fans come in different sizes, it might be challenging when determining the best-suited one for your home. Generally, the ceiling fan blade tips should have an allowance of 30 at least 30 inches from the walls and should be 7 feet above the floor.

So, if your room measures 75 sq. feet or less, then your preferred ceiling fan size should be in the range of 29 to 36 inches blade diameter. The rooms that fall under the range of 76 to 144 sq. feet will match with a blade diameter of 37 to 43 inches.

If your room size falls between 145 to 225 sq. feet, you should go for a ceiling fan with a 44 to 49-inch blade diameter. For rooms that measure 226 to 400 sq. feet, the appropriate ceiling fan blade diameter should be 50 to 54 inches.

You have probably already come across or used the Bowin ceiling fans, in using the same, you may find them to be remarkably reliable.

But who just makes Bowin ceiling fans? What company secrets do its maker employ to keep it at an advantage over the rest?

We know for sure that these two vital pieces of information are critical to your understanding and appreciation of the items altogether.

In light of that, we are going to showcase the tiniest details of the manufacturer of this item in our proceeding conversations.

who makes high-quality Bowin fans?

Who Makes Bowin Ceiling Fans? – History and Development
Now to the business of who exactly makes these brilliant ceiling fans?

Well, the Bowin Company, it is!

Development history

This company, however, does not make the fans singlehandedly in its facilities. Instead, it maintains a vast network of production facilities the world over that tackle producing the items.

In China, itis an electrical fan factory focusing on oversea markets, located in “home appliance capital of China” –Foshan City.Covering an area of 7000 square meters, BOQI has more than 200 employees and 4 professional production lines .. These two contributed to higher levels of sales and broadened product awareness.

Bowin has numerous production facilities in China due to the low cost of labor in China. It is China’s production facilities that supply the rest of the world with its line of products.

Additionally, a variety of franchises also engage in the production of its line of products. These are strewn mostly within the North American region and are primarily intended for the selfsame area.

High standards of production

Though these franchises are at liberty to produce the goods they wish, they have to adhere to some stringent production standards laid forth by certificate ISO9001 Qualty system.

Some of these standards include the need to have the products conform and even surpass the various accreditation yardsticks.

Its line of products has to be energy-efficient, emit negligible quantities of greenhouse gases, be ready to serve you repeatedly for longer and of course, be free from all forms of possible damage.

All these production facilities are duly licensed and highly empowered to do their job. That leaves zero room for any inconsistencies in the quality of the final output.

Development pattern

Unlike other companies of its kind, Bowin adopts a distributed manufacturing regime or process. In this case, the various parts and components’ construction is delegated to different companies and factories.

They are later assembled in a factory unit. This approach is superior and advantageous to the others that be.

Principally, it lets each unit focus on the product’s part that it knows how best to make. That way, it does its best by tackling production in the most precise and controlled manner possible.

At the same time, it seems that all the prevailing timelines are adhered to and met to the latter. That arrangement also generates better and more fulfilling pieces of equipment for you.

It ensures that each part and aspect is stronger and more resilient to the common spates of damages that may ordinarily be leveled against it in the engagement course.

Then again, the production of its ceiling fans happens in a manner that is sophisticated and rewarding. Only the latest means of productivity are employed to make the items.

Hence, expect its products to endure the test of time, not to mention serving you in ways that are above expectations.

Bowin ceiling fan wall control

Many people who have already attempted these products have all noted that those products exceed expectations. They not only last longer but also tackle the task of cooling your interiors in ways that are effective and enduring in equal measure.

Though still not open to everyone, you may also apply for a franchise to run and make the ceiling fans on your own. This is something you do by peeking into the company website and then submitting your applications as need be.

Best Bowin Ceiling Fans

As one of the most famous brands in the market, Bowin offers excellent quality products, here are some of the brilliant ones:


Now that we have furnished you with every piece of information you need to know about the makers of the Hampton Bay ceiling fans, we expect you to appreciate the items better and make the most of them as well.
Could it be that there are some pieces of information you need to know about these ceiling fans?

We are always pleased and ready to be of help to you. Please feel free to let us know in what other ways we could be of help to you.

As a buyer or homeowner, there are things that go with buying a ceiling fan, and one of the things is to size your ceiling fan.

Measure the room’s length and width, then multiply them together. If the room is 75 square feet or smaller, your ceiling fan should be 36 inches or less in diameter. For rooms between 75 and 144 square feet, choose a ceiling fan with a diameter of 36 to 42 inches.

While this might sound like an old way of doing things but picking the right size ensures that you enjoy a maximum style, performance, and above all, the fresh circulation of cooler air.

The guide is all about giving you some ideas on measuring an appropriate ceiling fan’s size for any space in your home.

How do you determine ceiling fan size?

What are Ceiling Fan Sizes?

Ceiling fan sizes are categorized into four: small, medium, significant, and large. The associated blades and size spans can be found in the designer’s specifications.

So, if you are to buy a ceiling fan, it is wise you understand that size plays more than a buying role, it is more of performance and your device’s life span.

And like any other homeowner, the key is to buy something good. This fan will achieve the cooling effect at its maximum while using less operating energy to its motors and system.

Why Should you Measure or Size your Ceiling Fan Before Buying?

Here are some reasons you should know how to measure your ceiling fan about the room size you intend to install your new fan.

Improve the Ceiling fan’s performance

Establishing the right ceiling fan for your home secures the fan’s overall longevity and performance and, as well, the safety and comfort of the occupants.

A wrong-sized ceiling fan or a small fan in a larger room will work thrice or twice as hard to achieve the cooling, resulting in mechanical overheating or a motor burning out.

A larger or bigger fan in a smaller room will generate a considerable cooling effect, causing an uncomfortable amount of cooling airflow.

But if you like replacing your home ceiling fans every few weeks or experiencing a supper freezing like you are in a tornado, selecting a home ceiling fan that is appropriate or proportionate to your room size is the key.

Helps you to buy the right Ceiling fan

Buying the right fan size helps you achieve maximum air circulation, which is the number one reason you need a fan.

Besides, it is all about having the right ceiling fan in the right space where the fan can deliver cooler air to all parts of the room.

Helps you save money

Sizing ceiling fans help you to make a wise choice on the right fan that fits into your space prevents you from spending on unnecessary cost for larger fans or something small that will require extra installation.

If you understand what you need and the room size you wish to install your ceiling fan, then making an unnecessary purchase will be avoided.

How to Measure or Size a Ceiling Fan?

The following steps will instruct you to easily measure the ceiling fan size by yourself:

Step 1:

To select or measure the space’s square footage, multiply the width and length of the area in feet or inches.

The value you get should then be subjected to different fan sizes to choose the right fan size to install.

Step 2:

The next thing is to size or subject the calculated values from your room.

Standing on a step or a stool, hold one end of the measuring equipment, it can be a tape measure or a ruler measure the fan’s blades to the tip on an already assembled ceiling fan.

Step 3:

Check whether the number of blades is odd or even. If the values or the unit has an even number, say two, four, or any number divided by two, extend the tape or a rule to measure to its end of the opposite blade.

With Odd blades, that is any value that is not divisible by two, numbers like one, three, five, in short, any number that is not even.

Odd blades are measured by holding the tape from the center, unlike even blades where you measure the whole fan diameter.

The value you get is the fan’s diameter, which determines the size the fan should serve.

You can also find more information about the fan’s size online or the manufacture specification on sizing and appropriate fan to install.


Buying a ceiling fan can be easy and straightforward but making a choice on which fan fits your room goes beyond some guides and buying tricks.

The guide has made some sizing approach for your next purchase, keeping in mind the size you buy directly impacts the cooling and the performance of the fan.

And like any other market product, ceiling fans come in different varieties, but this allows you to explore the market and choose the right idea.

Can you replace the light fixture on a ceiling fan?

Are you looking for a method to replace the light fixture on a ceiling fan?

Most people like to replace the light fixture with a ceiling fan. We are here to tell you all you need to know.

Many BoWin ceiling fans have a light function in them. You need to know how to replace the light safely without damaging anything or hurting yourself.

Replace the light fixture on a ceiling fan step

Replacement is an easy task. All you need to do is follow some simple steps:

Step 1:

The first task in doing any work is to ensure you have all the necessary tools with you.

In this case, you should have a screwdriver, a pair of gloves, a ladder, and most importantly, your new set of lights.

Step 2:

You need to switch off your fan and the light. You do not want to be shocked on your first day replacing a light bulb.

Position your ladder to a location where you can comfortably access your ceiling fan without stretching your hands out.

Step 3:

If you are replacing the Bowin ceiling fan in the gazebo or patio, then the work should be simple. You unscrew the dead bulb by turning it to the left and removing it.

Please insert the new light bulb by simply turning it to the right. It is not much of a hassle. Ensure that it is tightly fixed in place.

Step 4:

If you are replacing a globe or shaded fan, then the process is a bit complicated. Using your screwdriver, carefully unwind the screws that hold the globe in place. A Bowin ceiling fan usually has three screws.

Remember to have one hand on the globe to prevent it from falling. Put the globe and screws in a secure location.

You might have the older brand, which uses clips to hold the ceiling fan light cover in place. Applying a little pressure on the clips will remove them.

Be careful not to destroy the light cover, though. Follow the steps to replace an open-shaped bulb to replace this bulb.

Finally, using a clean, dry cloth, wipe your globe then fix it in place.

Step 5:

The final step is to test the light. If it lights when you switch back the lights, then kudos, you have done a great job. If it fails to light, either you have installed it wrongly, or the bulb is faulty.
Try installing another bulb to see if it works.

Basic knowledge of Bowin and Its Ceiling Fans

Bowin brand dates back to 2013. It is an electrical fan factory focusing on oversea markets, located in “home appliance capital of China” –Foshan City. Covering an area of 7000 square meters, BOQI has more than 200 employees and 4 professional production lines.

Bowin ceiling fans come with many features and size varieties: indoor and outdoor fans, with or without lights, remote-controlled, wall switch, weather-rated, stylish, and more.

Do they come with bulbs?

Not all Bowin ceiling fans come with light bulbs. The ones that have a light function still may not come with a light bulb with them.

Therefore, before making an order, make sure you have read the product’s description. This helps you to discover whether you require buying an additional light bulb or not.

Opt for eco-friendly LED light bulbs when purchasing as they not only save you cost but are also environmentally friendly.

How to Buy Bowin Ceiling Fan Light Bulb?

Do you know that the only way your house is going to become a home is by having the right kind of ceiling light bulbs mounted? The Bowin ceiling fan light bulb is precisely what you need. When purchasing, you first need to:

Find the right size

You need to find the ideal size of a light bulb for the fan before replacing it. This can only be achieved by taking the base of the bulb you want to change.

You should pick the right sized bulb

After determining the base size, you need to have the right-sized light bulb for your fan. It is recommended that you confirm the manufacturer’s specifications.

The maximum output for a Bowin ceiling fan light bulb is between 60 W or 40 W.

Make the upgrade to LED lights

You are encouraged to have LED light bulbs since they help cut down your energy cost and conserve the environment simultaneously.

Many Bowin ceiling fan light bulbs have a 14 W CFL light bulb. CFL light bulbs are the early designs of light bulbs that are rarely in the market nowadays.

Technology is dynamically changing. Finding a CFL light bulb to replace your existing damaged bulb will prove a challenge.

Put a smile on your face because there is a solution to your existing problem. The lamp technology introduced an even better product, the LED light. This light kit is energy-efficient. It will perform nicely with your ceiling fan.


Bowin is concerned with styling your home and making it livelier. You do not need to struggle to replace a light bulb. We believe that this article has been of great value to you.

Now you can easily replace your Bowin ceiling fan light bulb, can you?

The fans are the indispensable home furniture for many families. Unlike the air conditioner, the standard electric fan not only effectively circulates airflow but also adjusts the certain outdoor space temperature. Furthermore, the whirr of fan blades is regarded as the white noise that eases the nervousness of the users. Today, I will recommend you the best outdoor standing fans in 2022 for the preparation of the summer.

Top 1: 16 Inch Oscillating Fan

16 inch Electric Oscillating Floor Standing Fan With Remote Control (LED Display)

This 16 inch powerful pedestal fan can be used in both outdoor and indoor places. Look at its modern design, you may instantly know that it is a fancy floor standing fan in the 21 century. The LED display and remote control in this standing fan make it is distinguished from other normal standing fans. Also, it is the ideal option for those who want to have a convenient life. The remote control allows you to change the blowing wind mode setting without leaving your comfortable seat or interrupting the conversation.

Top 2: 16 Inch Stand Fan

2021 Africa Cheap 3PP Blade 16 Inch Stand Fan Best Pedestal Fan With X Base

This 16 inch stand fan is the best standing fan with X shaped base. It is perfect for African families with its stable fan pedestal. Compared with the ordinary stand fans, it not only could oscillate 90°left & right but also could allow 30°up & down adjustment. The wide wind blowing setting also ensures more people could enjoy the cooling winds from this fan. Last but not least, Three wind speed settings are available in this pedestal fan. You could choose the blowing wind mode as you like.

Top 3: Plastic Portable Standing Fan

It is a plastic electric stand fan that can not be underestimated because it is one of the hottest sales products in Bowin. With the adjusted height functions, you could adjust the height of the standing fans to fit the different occasions. Adopting the durable aluminum or copper motor, the stand fans have a soft and steady air-flow output, giving you a comfortable private world in the hot wave. With its high portability, you also could use it in the hotel, office, and your bedroom. It provides a 1-hour timer, which could automatically turn off after one hour. Therefore, you don’t need to get up in the middle of the night to turn off the fans.

Top 4: 18 Inch Pedestal Fan

This pedestal fan is a large outdoor standing fan that provides strong and even airflow. The most outstanding feature of this standing fan is quiet running. Thanks to the advanced design and manufacturing technology, this pedestal fan is capable of running stably for a long time without noise.

Top 5: 12 Inch Metal Fan

This is the best lightweight mini stand fan for European and Spain families. The 12-inch size makes it a versatile fan for any environment. It also offers a wide range of cooling areas, covering 90°left & right oscillation. Because of it, it is enough to equip this one fan for your small-size outdoor activity. Wheelbase and star base are available in this stand fan.


The above outdoor standing fans I recommend have different features. If you plan to buy standing fan, you could take a reference to what kinds of outdoor standing fans you need. These five electric stand fans are the most popular and practical fans in the market.

When comes to purchasing the box table fan, you may just treat it as an easy job. Hold on! The simple table stand fan covers some complex factors that may affect the use of table fans. You need to understand some basics of the table fans.

Which Motor Used In Electric Table Fan

The motor is a piece of component driving the table fans’ blades to rotate. It consists of a rotor, a stator, the bearings, the windings, the air gap, and the commutator. Generally speaking, the table fans use a single-phase induction motor. But a question also arises. How does the motor work? This question is relates to the fan’s capacitor. The fans motor allows the fans to start and run through the force of the fan’s capacitor that gives the starting torque to the motor.

How Electric Table Fan Rotates

After finishing the reading of the first part, you may slightly realize how the metal table fan rotates? Yes! It depends on the table fan motor. The motor run by an electric current is attached to fan blades by a shaft. When the electricity is on, the motor would drive the shaft to run, rotate around its axis, so as to turn the fan blades.

How to Electric Table Fan Provides Air-Flow?

Have you noticed that all table fan blades are angled a bit? Actually, this is the secret that the standard electric fan how to provide airflow. When the inclined plane of the blade moves through the air, it would push the air ahead of it forward. With the continuous moving of each blade, the airflow also keeps being forced. Then the movement of air made by the fans causes the warm and less dense air to rise, and the cool and dense air to descend, thus creating the cooling environment.

What Is Rpm in Electric Table Fan

Speaking of fan rotation, the RPM is a frequently asked question. The RPM is Rotations Per minute. It is an index that indicates the rotation of the table fans. The faster the electric table fan rotates, the faster is the cooling.

What is a Good RPM Fan Speed?

Typically, it depends on your feeling. It is hard to say some RPM is the best or worse. If you are feeling hot, you may think the good RPM fan speed should be high. If you are feeling cool, you may think the good RPM fan speed should be low. In case of this dilemma, many manufacturers, like Bowin set three cooling modes in the table cooler fan: soft wind, cool, and strong wind. The RPM of the soft wind is about 900. The RPM of cool wind is about 1100. The RPM of a strong wind is about 1200. This setting could widely cater to the using habits of most people.

What is a Good RPM Fan Speed?


All in all, you need to notice the motor, the blades, the RPM, before buying the standard electric fan. These factors would directly determine your cooling experience with the fans. If you happen to find a reliable electric table fan supplier who provides details and buys table fans, you could find Bowin. From portable standing fan to silent table fan, Bowin offers a wide range of electric table fan at a good table fan price.